Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Allison turns 2!

Opening presents early in the morning. Nanny brought up the motorbike from SA in her suitcase:) Allison woke up before we all did and so Bied had to go into her room and explain that we were all coming in to sing to her. She was so excited.

We had a very informal cake and ice cream in the backyard. Our neighbours and the college team showed up which was fun!

That's our BENJA!

Happy birthday to a very, very precious girl who is extremely lovable. She is strong and can do many things the others couldn't at this age. She loves to give kisses and when she gets out the bath at night, she always asks for her toes to be covered by the towel we're using. She talks a lot and bites every now and then too;) We often hear her telling the others, "Children obey, get a big hiding (spanking)." We love you sweet Allison Mae!

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Lishe said...

noooo man is she 2 already? Unbelievable how time flies! Happy birthday for sweet Alli!