Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's for sale?

Remember me explaining how our kids have this desire to make money? We really need to work on this one...however, I was impressed with some of the ideas they came up with and their reasons why I should buy their recycled 'gems'.

Ami and Brad with a potential shopper

The designated money corner.

Beautiful hand-painted rocks aka rainbow rocks, that can be bought and used as display pieces on tables or mantles ;0)

Some really good dirt for sale, very good for growing plants and vegetables.

A gorgeous plant in a mangled bottle... to fill those spots in your home where some greenery would liven it all up.

The list of goods is endless...and the prices are reasonable:)

1 comment:

Lishe said...

haha real businessmen! It looks like they are inventive enough to survive when grown up :)