Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthday Combo

Even though Benjamin's birthday was last month, we decided to wait to celebrate together with his friend, Sam.

Benjamin has asked for a snowman cake since his last birthday and so I made him one.

Sam's mom made him a boat cake. The afternoon before the party, we had fun decorating the cakes together.
The winter weather is still gorgeous here in Malawi and so we had their birthday bash outside.

The kids we invited all coloured in a letter the day before, to make up our "Happy 4th Birthday to Ben and Sam" sign!

Sam and Ben, our crowned kings for the day, opening their presents. We had such a good time and despite the craziness of this time of year it all went off very pleasantly.

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Lishe said...

it may be a warm winter but you can say you had a snowman! Looks like a fun and yammie party for the boys!