Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happenings-lots of them

Nanny is here! She came with a suitcase laden with goodies. Bradley is having a head massage with a 'thingamajig' that she bought at Irene.

During the last week of school, we had crazy day. Back to front, inside out, left on right etc. was the order of the day. Benjamin so desperately wanted to join in and came up with his outfit all on his own.
Sports day for the Reception through First graders was also held the last week of school. The kids had fun. We did too. Brian and I ran in the parents' races and fared well. Bied's knees didn't fare too well and he is still in a bit of pain:(

Bradley in the gumboot race. He had such a good stride going.

Ami in her 100m dash. She came third.

Testing balancing skills or waitressing ability?

A lady in our Bible Study is having a baby soon. Many of the ladies were away, but we still put together a small baby shower for her. It was a sweet time.

This team of seven pictured below, will be here in Malawi for a total of 5 weeks. We have enjoyed getting to know them and are thankful for their hard work here. They have visited 51 mercy ministry organisations here in Malawi and put together a report of which ones we as a church could partner with. That is a huge help, because there is so much of that type of work going on here in Malawi, but whether it is Biblical or not is often the question. They also helped Brian immensley with scanning in all his files onto his computer, a massive task that he doesn't have time for. They have been a real blessing.

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