Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Malawians do not celebrate Thanksgiving. We however, did enjoy a delicious turkey feast together with our friends here on campus.

Bradley's class got to see a live turkey today-it belongs to a family here on campus.

I was looking back at past Thanksgiving photos- check this one out. Bottom left-Franklin with the glasses was oneof Brian's first friends when he moved to South Africa. Virl and Nike Tait-he is the pastor at Grace Christian Church (RSA) where Brian was for eight years. In the white shirt is Matt Floreen-who is in Malawi serving with us. In the green shirt is David Spencer whose parents have been in Malawi for 20 years. Kerry Drew and Beth Mack are there too and also the Proudfoots. Bottom right- Tony and Santie McCracken!

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