Saturday, November 13, 2010

Home sweet home

We are happy to be home and what a party of hugs and kisses with our babies we had! Our flight went well, but of course we're tired and are trying to get back onto Africa time. The children did well with their respective caregivers. Ben told me yesterday that he wanted to go back to uncle Kev and auntie Judy. Allison was calling for nanny in her bed in the morning and pointing to opa in a picture. Ami and Brad had a ball with Kellen and Becca too-pancakes, ice cream, movie night and the pool were just some of the things they raved about! It was a real blessing and comfort for us to have these dear folks who willingly took on the job of caring for our kids.
Even though our trip was very quick, it was great to spend time together. I think B and I picked up about 10 pounds each! We enjoyed yummy food and doing spontaneous things we normally wouldn't, because of the kids.

Brian's uncle and aunt took us out to this great French Restaurant in Culver City. We celebrated Bied's birthday- The food was so delicious and we tried things we'd never before.
We spent just a little time with Kwacha. Brian was able though to have a meeting with guys from The Master's Seminary to express his desires for deeper Biblical training here in Malawi. Lord willing, Kwacha and some other seminarians will join us in 2012 to start a seminary.

None other than our LAX greeter. He sent us home with a 6 pound box of See's candy!

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