Saturday, November 6, 2010

LA again?

We've been so busy during our 4-day whirlwind trip in LA. We arrived here on Friday 5th and are leaving on Tuesday 9th. The children are all in Africa so Bied and I are on our second -rather exhausting- honeymoon. People who have seen us here continue to ask what we're doing in LA. "Aren't you guys missionaries in Africa? You were just out here, weren't you?" Yes, we are missionaries in Africa and yes we were in CA in August. I received a notice about three weeks ago from USCIS stating that I need to be in LA to be interviewed and tested for US citizenship. Ah ha, the reason for the trip.


Mrs M said...

Surely you mean 'NZ soon'....

Fill us in?? What's happening in Bied-land??
Love you. Miss you..... xx

Janet said...

praying for your test today Anita,
may the Lord grant you your desire,
:), so excited

Caroline Gill said...

Wow, Anita, that is fantastic.... we definately need to start a campaign to get you guys your own plane!!! It will save you so much trouble!! (and I'm sure you'll have 2 willing little pilots!!)
All the best for the rest of the arrangements - hope you get your oath done too!!
lots of love from all the Gills

jbuck21 said...

Enjoyed hearing your husband's heart for Malawi and Africa today at TMS.