Monday, November 8, 2010


I passed the English, Civics and History parts of the test today! However, because ours is not a familiar case they have to send our file to a superior officer for further processing. I was not able to take the oath today as we had hoped, but we trust the Lord in this all. His timing is always perfect. We are doing everything as best as we can to make the processing of our file smooth. We handed in final documents the USCIS officer required, this afternoon and Lord willing, we'll receive information regarding our case's state soon. We'll keep you posted and many thanks to those who have prayed for us.
Bied is busy packing our bags right now and tomorrow we head home to meet up with our precious kiddos who we miss very much!


Laura said...

Congratulations! I had hoped to see a picture of you taking the oath, but passing is pretty fabulous too. Not that I'm surprised. We'll continue to pray that the rest of the process will go smoothly.
Thanks for taking the time to have lunch with us! It was such a joy to see your face in person... and even better to have the hope of seeing it again soon.

Linda Russell said...

Well Done sis - does that mean you have to go back again to take the oath?

Carl, Melitsa & Aiden said...

Oooh, I will be praying for you! I just became a US citizen this past Friday :)

Lishe said...

well done! i surely hope you can take the oath during this trip?
enjoy the time with the 2 of u :D

Anonymous said...

Both of our kids have now expressed the desire to be missionaries. I told John I really need to start praying that my anxiety over travel is alleviated by God because I hate it so. I also told him that I'm going to pray he makes enough to always send me first class. I will be praying for your energy my sil, that is a whirlwind.