Sunday, November 14, 2010

Twenty-one sleeps!

We haven't spent a Christmas together with everyone from my family (dad, mom and siblings) in seven years! The last Christmas altogether was in South Africa in 2002. Last year my dad started making plans to get us altogether. My sister, brother-in-law and their two children will fly here to Lilongwe from London. My dad, mom and brother will fly up from South Africa. We are SO excited! Not too many people would be jumping over the moon with joy if they knew they were headed to Malawi for Christmas. But of course, it doesn't matter where you are, it's who you get to spend it with that makes you jump for joy! Our kids are counting down the sleeps. A true blessing and we're thankful to the Lord for providing for us all to be able to do this.
My brother-in-law and my dad. Grant got a teeny weeny present.

Biedebachs and Kelders at the lunch table - no kiddos!

OK not a good pic of my sister, but yes, she was there in 02! Texas Biedebachs-we look so forward to putting up our tree and stars!


Lishe said...

that will a be a christmas to never forget! Hope you make lots of pictures ;-)!
Michael & i were a bit sad in 2004 when we could not spend our christmas celebration with our family because we stayed in SA, but when we were invited at your place you made it unforgettable for us :)
(btw, my dad's response on our christmas without family was that he was jealous of us, cause now the family could not distract us from Luke 2, a real pastor's answer haha but somehow true ;-))

Linda Russell said...

can't wait!!

David B. said...

So happy for you all to be together at Christmas!!!