Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day Four - Amazing Ami

I was talking to Anita on the phone tonight and I was telling her how amazed I am at Ami and the way she has really stepped up to be that helper that I wrote about a couple of days ago. I am sure Ami doesn't know how helpful she really is but knowing how "unhelpful" I was at that age, it really is quite ... amazing.
Yesterday the kids came up with a little game of building a house out of rocks.

I haven't been doing Ami's hair, although yesterday her teacher thought that I had done it because it kind of looked like something I could accomplish. She had 7 braids somewhat randomly done around her head. Ami had decided to do them herself before school. I thought it looked cute.

This morning I asked her if she would like me to do her hair and she was quite excited about it. I worked really hard to get that part down the middle and went for 2 braids instead of 7. It was a bit rainy on the way to school but I was able to snap this picture of her. The picture makes it look better than it was -- there is no way that I braid hair as well as Anita. But I think I could learn if it meant that Ami would know how grateful Anita and I are to God for blessing us with her.


By the Brook said...

Where's your neck tie? Love you precious Ami. Thanks Bied for looking after our babies so well. Love the hair!!

Sybrand and Beth de Swardt said...

What a sweet girl! She'll have to come disciple my daughter!

Bethany Reine' said...

i have loved reading your posts while anita's been gone. it's really sweet to see you all missing her so much. i think you're doing a great job so far (with the blog AND the kids!).
we miss your family!

Laura said...

I'm impressed with the braids - from both of you!

Mrs M said...

Dr Bied you are doing a great job! Love the hair.... Your sweet Ami seems kindered to Georgia. Those two need to get to know each other. You guys need to book tickets. 25th Feb.... :)

PS - when you come over, we will provide the FULL MEAL!

Norma Farmer said...

Hi Brian,

You are truly blessed with such lovely children, and Ami is just a star. A beautiful little girl.

Please say hi to Anita, and glad all went well with her in the States.
Lots of love from us both.