Monday, February 7, 2011

Day One

So this is Anita's blog, but I (Brian) am doing double duty while Anita is in the U.S. so I thought I would try to keep up with her blog a bit while she is away. Today (Monday) was the first day without Anita. We dropped her off yesterday at Kamuzu International Airport at about noon so that she could finally take her oath in California and become a U.S. Citizen. We have been applying for this for several years, and are glad it is finally happening. Unfortunately for us who are left behind it means 9 days without her. Day one got off to an early start with ALL four kids up by 5:45 AM. But how bad can your day be when you wake up to a smile like Alli's?


Linda Russell said...

What a precious face! Hope the days go by quickly, so that you'll soon be reunited!

Sybrand and Beth de Swardt said...

I just want to know who is making the kids eat vegetables while she's gone :)?

By the Brook said...

Yesterday's menu was:
Breakfast: Wheat-bix
Lunch: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Banana slices, and Lichis
Dinner: "Make your own Burritos" with taco meant, cheese, salsa, diced tomatoes or sour cream. Prior to getting a burrito, each child ate from a selection of sliced cucumber, tomato, and carrots. We had guests for dinner (Katie and Joseph) so we had homemade icecream for desert. Feel free to ask about our daily cuisine. My standard answer to the kids when they ask, "how come I have to eat this and you don't?" is "I don't want you to grow up like me."