Monday, February 21, 2011

Here and there

I ate this every morning while in CA!

Stephanie and me. Thanks Steph for doing all you did, even when you weren't well!

There were 927 people in our group and that was the third ceremony of the day.

Brian's very dear Dr. Uncle and Aunt Liz!.

Celebrating with the Taglieres!

Smiles all around.

A group of friends came out from Seal Beach to attend the ceremony too. (L-R) Renee and Darlene have both been to Malawi and were of those who helped hugely to get our house done before we moved in 2008. Sweet Velma prays for us very faithfully and her son Robert oversees Seal Beach's mission board.

Before arriving in Malawi I stopped over at my folks' and had dinner with some familiar ABC faces.

Boy, was I happy to see this face :) :)

To celebrate in Lilongwe, Rachel made this fantastic American Flag Cake!


Anonymous said...

A new post hurrah!! Wow they make quite a celebration of it hey ;) the fruit and cake both look so yummy.
I miss you sis.

By the Brook said...

I know...I know, didn't Brian do an amazing job keeping everyone reading?

By the Brook said...

Melitsa, we applied for my passport this week and there were no questions asked about my collection of the others. As long as when I enter or leave the US I use my American passport, they said it was fine.