Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day Three - Swingin'

Well, we are more than surviving today. It seems like we have found ourselves swinging through the day in a little routine. We have a Malawian lady named Cecelia who is helping to look after the younger two while I am working and then all four in the afternoon. Besides the early morning wake-up times, I spend a couple hours with the kids at lunch and then from 4:30 PM until bed time. Some church friends have been helping out with meals as well - yay!

Today, Ben and I went to pick up Ami and Brad from school. They have this hut thing for the kids to play on and it has a rope on one of the corners. Bradley and some of his kindergarden cohorts figured that if they climb up on the railing of the stairs to the hut and swing off the railing they could have a better swing. I watched it a couple of times and then decided to video it with my phone. The falling down didn't seem to deter them. They just kept on climbing back up. I am not sure if they are allowed to do this, but hey - when mom is not around :)...



By the Brook said...

Wow! Brad, you go my boy. Hope Miss Cecelia can get your white shirt clean again :) Mommy misses you!

By the Brook said...

Thanks to the dear folk who have been feeding my brood!