Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Nine - She's Home!

At noon today I (along with Benja and Alli) picked up both Ami and Brad from School and the 5 of us headed to the aiport to pick up Anita. I had to pull Ami out of school early and she was so excited to see her mom. As we were walking towards the car she said, "Daddy, this is the best day of my life!"

We are so grateful that Anita was able to go, get her citizenship, and then return safely. We had a little family celebration when she got home (complete with our 4th of July decorations).

There is no doubt that these last 9 days have given me a greater appreciation for mothers (and most especially, Anita). Also, there have been a number of times this week where I have thought about single parents - I think they are my new heroes.

A BIG "thank you" for those of you who have prayed for Anita (and me) during this little adventure.

Now that Anita's back, I plan to take a hiatus from blogging. But thanks for all who have commented. It has been fun sharing my pics and thoughts on her blog while she has been away, but it is much better to have her back - even if she is starting to speak with an American accent.


Lishe said...

haha i love the decorations :D
What a happy familypicture! You have done great Brian, we will miss you on the blog! :D Welcome home Anita!
Enjoy the time together!

Mrs M said...

Re-united - yahoo!
We miss you guys

Anonymous said...

Home safe and sound. Praise the Lord!
Hope the jet lag eases soon.

Danny said...

I enjoyed your blogging Brian. You did a great job!
We were so thrilled to be one of the first to dine with Anita the American.