Sunday, February 15, 2009

Church Ladies' Tea

We held our first "get-to-know one another better" tea this Saturday. We had almost 30 ladies attend which was great, especially since it was only announced for two weeks. Ladies from the USA, RSA, Zimbabwe, UK, Germany, Malawi and Australia were in attendance.
It was a blessed time and the Lord answered our prayers for good weather. We served sandwiches, sausage rolls, shortbread, cake, muffins, choc fridge bars, tea, coffee and a delicious fruit punch. The ladies who attend the morning Bible Study that we have at our house agreed to help out and they did a great job! A number of ladies asked when we were going to do it again. They really seemed to enjoy spending time chatting to each other. There was no teaching time, we prayed and read from Scripture, but other than that it was very informal. In the future, we hope to have a breakfast or a lunch and then have a speaker with an evangelistic approach so that more ladies in the community will be aware that there is a Bible preaching church in Lilongwe.
The food table. In South Africa when we had church functions, we usually ordered food already made which was delivered on platters. Here in Malawi, everything is made from scratch!

A couple of ladies brought their china tea cups from home which was so nice. It looked lovely. We stuck with white.

Ladies from USA and RSA

Ladies from Malawi, Australia and Zimbabwe.


Lishe said...

sounds like you ladies had a lovely time, wish i was there :)

Linda Russell said...

the setup looked very swish! Glad to hear the ladies enjoyed it.