Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This time last year...

...we were in South Africa with my parents, while Bied was on his way to attend the Shepherds' Conference in LA. He would have loved to have gone again this year, but because we will be on furlough in LA, Lord willing in October, he decided no to. He will also join the kids and me (JUNE 09) down in SA just before our baby is born. All the travel time adds up and he felt it wasn't good to be away from the church evenmore than we are already planning.
Anyway, all that to say I MISS MY SISTER! Last year I had the surprise of a lifetime. My dad flew my sister and her kids out from the UK to South Africa and I had no idea about it. Before I got on the plane with all three kiddos Bied said to me, "I think you're going to have a better time than you could ever imagine."
We did have a fabulous time and it was great to have the cousins play. It's sad to have our family split up like it is, but at the same time we know that God has us where we are, for His purposes and glory.
Cousin Ethan, Ami and Bradley at my aunt's house on the trampoline.

Benjamin and his cousin, cute Julia in Opa's sandbox. Benjamin is so big now!

Almost bedtime for Bradley and Julia at Nanny's house. We all stayed at my folks and so many times it was crazy fun. Benjamin wears those pjs now. Time flying again.

Kaalvoet is so lekker! Ethan, Ami, Bradley and poor smothered BD (Brown Dog).



Linda Russell said...

My sweet Sister! I love you so much. Thanks for the lovely chat today. I pray that the Lord will bless us with an opportunity to be together again:)

Kim said...

I'm sorry, my husband, Sean McGarry, grew up in PA. At least that's the story he told me. LOL
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Conrad and Jen said...

Hey Anita,
I have a question for you. How did you occupy your kids on the long flight to and from the States? We are going to Jo'burg in 2 weeks for Christie Vorster's wedding and I would love some tips on keeping Zachary occupied on the flights. We'd love to come up and see you guys while on that side of teh world, but finances and time won't allow us to do that. :( Hope you are doing well.

Michelle in Mx said...

Oh Anita! Did I have fun scrolling through your blog and catching up on your kids your pregnancy and what is going on down there! LOVED IT! I am once again surprised how close in age are kids are . . but I'm all done, no 4th for me . . .I'm so excited for you though! Can't wait to find out if it's a girl or a boy!