Monday, February 2, 2009

DMV Worldwide?

Brian almost always gets to visit the governmental buildings and offices to sort out employment visas, the church application, vehicle permits and the like. It's a good way for him to practise patience and humility. In fact, it's probably places like these I should visit more so that I can do some practising too!
He took a couple of pictures (with his phone-not great ones, but you'll get the idea) while patiently attempting to get our vehicle's new registration discs. Seems like in countries all over the world the Department of Motor Vehicles is one of the craziest places to be, no matter how early you get there. I remember standing in a line at the DMV in Long Beach and although people seemed to respect your personal space there a bit more, the crowds were probably the same.

This is the sign for the main entrance, but we're not allowed in?!

This is the line for vehicle inspection. The tiny figures deep in the picture show where the line begins.

This is the parking lot and the green-roofed building is where the cashier is at.

No lines, but everyone very eager to make their payments.

So after two days of getting this done at least we can legally drive these cuties around!

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Linda Russell said...

They are two very cute kiddos indeed! Brian's trip to the DMV reminds me of a trip to Wadeville:)