Saturday, February 14, 2009

My thoughtful guy!

Bied arrived on Monday of this week with four bunches of magnificent long-stemmed red roses. After my enquiring, his response was, "Hope they will last until Saturday!"
Ever since we've been married he's always done something 'bouquetish' for Valentine's Day and he also does it the week before so that he doesn't have to pay a ridiculous price! Clever huh :)

I have to write about this though. In the February before we got married (we had only known each for a couple of months), I gently reminded Brian about Valentine's Day and that I thought it would be great to go to dinner or something. He responded, "What is Valentine's Day? Is that a British holiday or something?" Growing up in South Africa, I had no idea whether Americans celebrated Valentine's day or not. I had just assumed that everyone around the world celebrated it. When it appeared that he didn't know what it was, I was hesitant to explain. I mean, what was I supposed to say...."Valentine's Day is where you buy me flowers, take me out to dinner, and write me a romantic love letter?" So I changed the subject.

As it turned out, Bied was just pulling my leg (imagine that?) and knew exactly what Valentine's Day was. He later surprised me with dinner and a gorgeous bouquet that had 40 red roses (which, with the South African Rand/Dollar exchange rate meant that it cost him $15 U.S.).

He still sometimes jokes that he should have just kept playing dumb, and it would have taken me years to figure out that Americans really do know what Valentine's Day is. Of course, since flowers in Africa are much cheaper than in the U.S., he still feels like he is getting off pretty easy. The 48 long-stem red roses that he bought me this year in Malawi cost the U.S. equivalent of $23.25. I love my "Big-spending," sweet-hearted, always joking, husband.

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Lishe said...

hahaha i even think teh americans invented valentines day! :)
but so sweet of him to buy you the expensive roses!