Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Green on this side too.

The rainy season usually ends around March here in Lilongwe and everything is just a gorgeous green. Guess what? You get to see pics of our grass again...it's been exciting for us going from dirt to large patches of green to almost completely green. The maize that is usually planted by the Malawians just after the first rains has grown really well. Soon it will be time to harvest. Hopefully the price of the maize will drop some. It is very expensive for the locals and this is their staple food.
Still a few muddy spots in the backyard, but green for the most part. Bradley was covered from head to toe in mud.

This is our banana tree. Our first bunch of bananas!

The back yard has very little shade. We really need to plant some trees.

Benjamin in the front yard, where it's beautiful and shady. The grass is doing well.

That's our wall and what is over it. Row upon row of hand planted maize.


Linda Russell said...

Oh Wow your grass looks amazing!!

Linda Russell said...

OOHHH look at those bananas!!