Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time flies...

Growing up it always seemed forever for Christmas to come and forever before we were done with school. I remember thinking that I would never actually graduate because school just seemed like an eternity.
This week it hit me. Time has flown. Ami will be six this year and baby no. 4 is almost 25 weeks along. Our lives are so busy here that time just seems to fly by. Sometimes I do wish we could just stop a bit, catch up on lost sleep and enjoy life. Before we know it, our children won't want to sit on our laps and cuddle with us anymore. Glorifying Christ, enjoying Him and living each day to the fullest is what counts, but it seems there isn't always time to do that... Wish you could see the huge pile of laundry I have waiting to be sorted out.
Perhaps it's just the stage of life we're at. Ministry, young kids and babies, foreign country and the list goes on.
Praise God! He is in control and has been since ALL OF TIME.


Laura said...

We think so alike sometimes! I'm avoiding the huge pile of laundry waiting for me (in addition to the huge clean pile I just sent home with our 2nd son, Kwacha), and wishing I had spent a lot more time this weekend holding my babies. Aren't weekends supposed to be relaxing? I'm looking forward to Monday!

Lishe said...

isn't that how we all feel as mothers ;)?