Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You See L.A.?

We Do! I just became a UCLA fan. Wow! We arrived at UCLA Medical Center this evening and I have never seen a hospital equal to it. Anita was transported by ambulance and I arrived 2 minutes after her. Soon after we arrived we met with a Neurosurgeon who will be working with the team of doctors that will be trying to diagnose and treat her condition. At 9:45 she had a 4 minute seizure and the doctor was here to see it. They have her on video surveillance 24 hours a day so I feel like I can actually sleep tonight. The room has a couch/bed for me too.

One of the reasons we are here is to have continuous EEG monitoring of her brain which may start tomorrow. Praise God that everything has worked out to get us here. The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is one of the best places in the world for what Anita is going through.

Pray for wisdom for the doctors here. Ultimately we are comforted most by the fact that we know the Great Physician and He knows exactly what is going on. On another level, it is a comfort to know that we are in the best place that this country has to examine her condition. Even if we don't find out the answers it won't be for a lack of looking.

Our desire is to get treatment and stability for Anita so that we can return to Malawi. Naturally, we are postponing our January 15 departure for Malawi. Please pray for wisdom regarding that and for the church in Malawi.


Sharon said...

Hi Brian, thanks so much for keeping us all updated so regularly. Will keep praying for you guys.

Buckland said...

Yes, I agree with Sharon, it's great to have up to date info. We are praying for you all.

M.A.S.T. said...

Hey Brian, give our love to Anita. I know how hard it is to see one's wife suffer and to be powerless to help. Prayers, Rob & Vicki

Carole said...

What timing to be in the best hospital!!

Will keep praying for Anita.

Lynn van der Merwe said...

I am really sorry to hear about Anita. Please tell her I am thinking of her and praying for you guys. Love Lynn

Nana said...

Brian, Anita and the little ones,
Sorry to hear of your ordeal, but praise God that it happened in the place where Anita is able to get the best treatment.

We will continue to pray for you.
You are in His care.

Love from us both, Peter and Norma.

Carl, Melitsa & Aiden said...

So glad that Anita is able to be in one of the best hopitals in the world! Praise God for His timing so you can be going through this stateside!
I have been thinking and praying for you all so much!

Lishe said...

so good you're still in the USA!
and that she is in such a great hospital, all blessings from the Lord !

John Biedebach said...

So happy to check this morning and find out it went smoothly, we were praying fervently for a smooth transition all day. I know Anita's mom will arrive on Friday, but know that we have a free ticket and are here if you need us. We love you guys! Lisa and John, Jake, Mckenna and of course Tally the wonder dog!

MorMor said...

Dear Brian and Anita,
Burton and I will be praying non stop until Anita is completely cured. We know UCLA well because Burton went there 55 years ago to have a brain tumor removed and he has been on the go ever since. Great hospital and super care. God bless you both with His peace.

The Peluffo's said...

Dear Brian and Anita: We are praying for you. Please let me know if we can do something pratical for you (food stuff, kids' care, or house keeping).