Saturday, January 23, 2010

Worms or No Worms?

Here is a link to a news story with footage of a Pork Tape Worm being surgically removed from someone's brain:

I need to tell you that right now doctors DON'T think Anita has a Pork Tape Worm in her brain.

Even though she has been experiencing strange seizures, and she still has problems with balance, and she has tested positive for Pork Tape Worms, they don't think there is a worm in her brain because they say it would have shown up on the MRI. They also say (as I wrote in the last post) that sometimes people test positive to Pork Tape Worms that don't really have Pork Tape Worms. This is why they took blood yesterday for a duplicate test (and we should know the results in about a week).

All that being said, I would like to ask you to pray earnestly that God would help the doctors to accurately and definitively diagnose Anita before we head back for Africa (right now, we are thinking the middle of March). Also, please pray for God to completely heal Anita - if not supernaturally, then through the excellent medical treatment we have already been receiving.
Ultimately, please pray that God is glorified as we trust Him through this trial. He knows our desires but first and foremost we pray, "Thy will be done." While we pray that, we also know that prayer is the means that God often uses to accomplish His will. So please continue to pray.

Physically, Anita is doing better than she was a week ago and much better than two weeks ago. We are grateful for that and we find it is much easier to be patient when recovery appears to be evident. Daily, she still experiences headaches and dizziness and says, "I just don't feel right." But we are also enjoying some sweet times with Anita's mom and our kids as we all try to rest up and prioritize our lives.


American History said...
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Dolores said...

We are praying every minute of every day and am at your disposal. I can have my wonderful daughter come over and watch the children if your mom in love needs a time away. Please let me know and also about the toys. Love, Dolores

Norma Farmer said...

Hi Brian and Anita,

My heart just goes out to you all, Anita you are in our prayers, I pray the Lord will please, please make you well soon.

Love you,

Norma and Peter.