Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Though we are no longer at Mission Community Hospital in Van Nuys we are very grateful for the care we received there. SOME of those who stand out in our mind are, Dr. Sauer, Chris, Dr. Yuriy, Ana, Lisa, Ric, Avie, Danica, Maggie (especially Maggie), Adryan, Nenita, Nancy, and many many more (sorry for those we didn't mention by name). Though we did not leave with a lot of answers, we left with many clean test results. You guys were efficient, friendly, professional, and we can't thank you enough. Come visit us at Grace Community Church sometime (just down Roscoe Blvd).

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Dolores said...

We are overjoyed at the thought of Anita's mom coming and taking care of Anita. the fact that she is a nurse just makes it perfect. We are praying non stop that what the doctors think it, in fact, reality. We love you all and won't stop praying for you. God is so good and even loves Anita more than all of us put together.