Monday, January 18, 2010

Good days

Anita has been progressing for the past six days and today was a great day. Still no more episodes -- thanking our sovereign Lord for answered prayers. We are praying that our visit on Thursday to the UCLA infectious diseases' doctor in Santa Monica will get the worm(s) sorted out. Bradley asked Anita today "Mom, why do you eat worms?"
The children are doing well. Ami is doing fine so far, in her Kindergarten class. Brad and Benja have been attending the nursery groups at Grace Church on some of the days during the week. They have enjoyed that very much. Allison started crawling when Anita was in the hospital so we missed that :(
She is still waking up once at night (when daddy is on duty). Anita's mom has adjusted to the time difference really well and is a delight to have around here. We shall let you know what the doctor says. THANK YOU so much for your continued prayers.


azuremle said...

Thanks for the update. These pics of Ali are ADORABLE!! Good to know someone else is up in the night with a little person. Praying the Lord gives you both strength to serve Him where He has placed you today!
Emily Luehrmann

Lynn said...

So glad Anita has been feeling better! The worm things is kind of creepy...What does Anita say and think about the whole thing? Say hallo to Marlene for us as well. We will be praying for your for tomorrow.

Caroline Gill said...

You gotta teach Brad to sing to Anita:
"Nobody loves me,
everybody hates me,
I'm gonna eat some worms....."
Kids have such a great perspective on life, it's actually so simple...
love you all

Natalie said...

We continue to pray for you all!!!

Linda Russell said...

lol Caroline! yes stop eating worms Mom :) Allison is the cutest!! I want a cuddle from her :)

Lorraine said...

Love those dimples! We're looking forward to the news on Thurs. So thankful Anita is feeling better.

Carl, Melitsa & Aiden said...

Praise God for the good news!! Loved Brad's remark :) LOL! Praying for the Dr's Appt tomorrow!

Lishe said...

Yes Anita, i didn't dare, but since Brad is asking... why do you eat worms in the first place??? :p
Good to read your days are better now, answer to our prayers idd!
Alli is so cute and just looks like a little brian to me :)