Monday, January 11, 2010

Road to Recovery

After our diagnosis for Anita’s “non-epileptic seizures” here are some guidelines that we have discussed with doctors that should help her reach a full recovery. Already, by implementing some of these guidelines her episodes are becoming less frequent and milder. Today was a great day - she only had one episode (this evening) and it was really mild.

1. No more Appendix – This is the easiest guideline to follow since her appendix was removed on December 18, but I keep this as “rule number one” to remind Anita that she did have an abscessing, hemorrhaging appendix in her body for 9 months and it is going to take some time to recover from that surgery, her hernia surgery, and the birth of Allison.
2. No more travel – at least for two months. We were due to fly back to Malawi on January 15, but our plans are changed now to stay in Southern California for another two months. We would love to be back home in Malawi, but until we have two months of stability in a place with good medical care, it just doesn’t seem wise to travel.
3. No more outings – Anita needs her rest and a night out talking an enjoying others (even though it may be fun) is draining for her body right now.
4. Limited visitors to the home – Anita loves to have visitors, but even that involves some stress. Those who wish to visit can contact Brian and he can help spread them out so that they are not too overwhelming.
5. No more home-schooling – Ami was enrolled in Kindergarten today at Grace Community School.
6. Follow medical instruction - She has practiced breathing techniques to help control and minimize the episodes.
7. No strenuous activities or driving - it has been great to have Anita's mom here to help with the kids and the home. We have also been blessed by two Bible study groups at church who have brought us meals and groceries. How do people in the world get along without a church family?
8. Lots of rest – her body has been under great physical stress for many months and it is telling us that she needs more than just a couple of weeks to recover.
9. Healthy diet – this doesn’t really need to be on the list since Anita is already addicted to anything healthy.
10. “Set your mind on things above…” Routine quiet times in the morning – a busy mom often neglects to begin each day soaking in God’s Word and praying for her dealings that day. I plan to work hard to help her guard these times which she enjoys so much and which are vital for her spiritual and physical health.


Lishe said...

you're taking good care of your precious wife Brian!
had to laugh with rule nr9 indeed :)
and thx for reminding me on nr 10, it is so easy to forget about that when you are busy taking care of your family, but we can't without it!

Norma Farmer said...

Hi Brian and Anita,

We're so happy to hear that the attacks are less and less.

Lots of love from Peter and me.

Caroline Gill said...

You guys set a great example!!! Well done for putting priorities down - I'll definately take a page out of your book on that!!
Enjoy the quiet time, healthy eating and rest!!! (the others are a bit tougher to deal with!!)
A fitting end for "medical survivor".... and the winner is....
Anita Biedebach!!!!
PS. thanks for the gripping blog posts, Brian - I have thoroughly enjoyed the interesting perspective you have on the situation!! Glad about the happy ending!!!

Darcy said...

Hi! I will be praying for you guys; what a scary situation! Please give Anita my love and a hug from me too!

cynthia said...

Praising the Lord with you for His care and provision of such great medical care. His timing is always perfect. Sooo many wonderful things to give thanks for.

Anita's been in my prayers and will continue to be!

The Peluffo's said...
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The Peluffo's said...

Praise the Lord for His answer to our prayers. It seems as you are going to be the exemplary husband and the incredible father. Therefore, you should start another blog to recruit prayer's warriors in your behalf

Conrad and Jen said...

Thank you for keeping the blog updated. So glad to hear that Anita is improving!!! What an answer to prayer! Give her our love and we will continue to pray for all of you.