Thursday, January 21, 2010

Positive may be Negative

We had a follow-up appointment with some UCLA doctors today and in our minds we were thinking, "okay, let's get rid of these tape worms." The doctors recommended that we run a second set of blood tests before treatment because sometimes positive test results can be false.

While they are at it they are going to test for Bilharzia because it is so common in Malawi. We thought that they already tested Anita for that, but apparently not.

What this means for us is that we will need to wait a week or two for the results and they wanted to see us in three weeks for a follow-up to our follow-up exam.

One doctor reminded us today that even modern medicine can't explain everything. It can, however, rule out major cause of the seizure-like episodes Anita went through. At the end of the day we are content not knowing exactly what caused them and we are extremely grateful that Anita continues to feel better each day.

She still experiences headaches and dizziness on a daily basis, but they do seem to be decreasing in intensity. She is also still weak (probably weaker than she realizes). We find great comfort in the fact that God knows exactly what is going on and we rest in the knowledge that He has a purpose for all of this.

We still look forward to return to our home in Malawi. Mid-March is still the target date for that. Thanks again for praying.


Caroline Gill said...

Wow, guys. This is turning into the Neverending Story, never mind Medical Survivor!! Hope that God will grant you the patience you need to sit through all the confusion and uncertainty. May you experience His Peace as you trust and wait for an answer to all the prayers we are all praying for you daily.
Lots of love.
Caroline, for all the Gills

Dolores said...

We are so happy to hear that they might have an answer and we know that God has the answer. I haven't called because I fractured 3 ribs and have had to be down to mend them. I am much better now and would like to buy a few new toys for the kids. I won't come in your house but can call you when I am in the parking lot next to your home and you can take the toys to the kids. Thank you for your wonderful blog. We always know how to pray. God is in control and His end will always be glorious. will you tell Anita how much we love you all. Love, Dolore and Burton