Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Seizure" Number 8

This day has been filled with ups and downs. On the down side Anita had 3 "seizures" today (we are still not sure what to call them because she is conscious during them but loses control of muscles, she often shakes tremendously, and her vision and speech are often (but not always) impaired during them). She had one at 5 AM one at 10 AM and one just tonight at 11:45 PM. On the up side, this has been a sweet time in our marriage. We have never been closer.

I am grateful that I can be with Anita helping her, holding her, praying with her, crying and laughing with her through one of the biggest trials of her life. For both of us to think about what life would be like for the other if either of us were to be gone has made these moments some of the sweetest in our lives. Together we have evaluated what is most important in this life, and for us it is to use our lives to bring glory to God however He sees fit. We pray for our children, that they too will know Him. Together we repent of selfishness that distracts us and keeps us from enjoying our marriage, our children, and life.

We were humbled to read John 17 tonight and note how in Jesus' prayer before the trial of the cross - he had five verses to pray for Himself and twenty verses to pray for others.

thanks for praying for Anita.


Buckland said...

Thanks for keeping us posted Brian. And thanks for such a specil entry. You have encouraged us all to look at our own lives and see that we have our priorities right. We do take so much for granted.
We continue to hold you all up in our prayers.

Natalie said...

Thanks for the updates. Praying for you both with many tears.
Thanks also for your honesty and sharing how the Lord is using this trial in your lives.

I can't stop thinking about God's perfect timing in all of this. It was my first thought after reading your update newsletter.

Carole said...

Your testimony was so beautiful Brian. Thankyou.

I have prayed for Anita and will continue to ask the Lord for a complete healing in her body.

M or J said...

Your post made me cry. I am praying in earnest for all of you. Please continue to keep us posted. You're definitely on my mind.
-Jennie Pizzi

Laura said...

You are in our prayers. Thank you for your update and for sharing how the Lord is using this time in a very special way for you both. It is encouraging to see how you are trusting the Lord in this trial and it is encouraging us to keep our priorities straight as well. God bless you both. Please keep us as informed as you can.

Robin said...

For you, God in His infinite glory has unsurpassable goodness,unfailing love and abounding compassion - our prayers are for your healing as you experience Him even deeper.