Monday, January 4, 2010

Please Pray for Anita

On Sunday night (January 3), Anita wasn’t feeling well. Just before 6:00 pm she decided to try and eat something. When I (Brian) walked into the kitchen she was sitting down holding a tangerine. She looked up at and it appeared to me that she was having a seizure. I called 911 and within minutes the paramedics were at the mission house where we were staying.
Since the evening church service was about to begin there were a number of people pulling into the church lot next to our house. I ran over there while the paramedics were in the house and saw friends of ours. I asked them if they could watch our 4 kids while I followed the ambulance to the hospital.
When we got to the ER she was weak but coherent. While in the ER she had four more “episodes” where her arms and head squirmed involuntarily and her vision blurred. They look like seizures but are different in that she never really loses consciousness and if you speak to her you she can respond and even slow down the movements. While it was hard to see her go through them it was good that the ER doctors and staff could see them first hand.
That night she had CAT scans, chest x-rays, blood tests, a Lumbar-puncture and was admitted to the I.C.U. On Monday she had an M.R.I. more CAT scans visits from her doctor, a neurologist, and a cardiologist. We’ve been pleased with the prompt and thorough care.
The good news is that all her scans and tests came back absolutely normal and she has had a stable day. There are no signs in the M.R.I. of any seizures. The bad news is that we don’t know what caused the episodes. The best news is that God knows exactly what is going on and we trust Him. Please pray that He is glorified through every aspect of this trial.
Our kids are with friends and I am able to help care for Anita. Tonight (Monday night) Anita was transferred out of the I.C.U. to a regular hospital bed. If all goes well tonight she should be released on Tuesday or Wednesday. Please pray for healing for Anita, wisdom for the doctors, and wisdom regarding our upcoming travel plans on January 15.


Sharon said...

Will be praying Brian - please give her my love! May God be your strength and shelter at this time. In HIs Love, Sharon.

Lishe said...

will be praying too! Especially that they may find what causes this!
The Lord be with you and keep you!

Melissa said...

We will be praying for you guys!
Gus & Melissa Pidal