Sunday, January 10, 2010

Magic Carpet

For years we have joked with Anita's mom (Marlene) that she must have a magic carpet. It seems that way to the family because Marlene is the global grandmother. She is visiting Linda's kids in the U.K. or us in Malawi and sometimes she even joins us while we are on furlough in the U.S.

When Anita's parents heard of the trial she is going through, Anita's dad helped her mom "fire up the magic carpet" (he bought her a plane ticket from Johannesburg to L.A.). She arrived on Friday night and came directly to the U.C.L.A. Medical Center.

We are glad to have "mommy" here now. Anita has been discharged from the hospital and on Saturday we were reunited with our children in the mission house. Anita is beginning to recover. Over the past two days, she has experienced three mild seizures - they are much less intense than the ones she was experiencing in the hospital.

Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray that her diagnosis is correct and that God uses the steps we are taking towards recovery to heal her body. We know that there are many who are following these updates and praying for us - and we believe that prayer is the means that God uses to bring about His will.

This morning I took the kids to church while Anita's mom (a former nurse) stayed home to look after her. While at church, a lady (whom I did not recognize) walked up to me, wagged her finger at me and said, "You said you would update the blog YESTERDAY!" Please forgive me for leaving you all hanging. We value your prayer and feel all of your arms hugging us from afar. We are thankful that Anita's mom is here and thankful for our church family all over the world.


Linda Russell said...

Praise the Lord for Granny's safe arrival! So glad you are home Neets. Still praying for all of you. love you.

Lishe said...

must be great for anita and you all to have granny overthere!
feel releaved reading about the diagnoses and anita being discharged! Answer of prayer!
we continue to pray, you can be sure about that :)
another hug from afar ;)

Christine Dixon said...

Thank you for the faithful updates. I rejoice with you that your mom has arrived - what a comfort. And I praise God for the dimishing of the episodes and will continue to pray a return to total health - by God's grace and for His glory!

Caroline Gill said...

Hooray for Mom / Granny!!! Isn't she just the best thing God ever gifted you with!!! Love to her for her selfless service to you and your family!! Glad you are "home". Home is where the family is!!!

Nana said...

Praise the Lord for mums and granny's. Great that you could be there Marlene, just what the doctor ordered. Anita can rest knowing that you are there for the little ones.

May the Lord keep you all in His care. Lots of love from the Farmers.